As a commercial landlord, a business operating in the Uk, or an international business with a UK operation, there are some potential pitfalls when it comes to legislation around energy.

These fall mainly around carbon reporting and reduction. Even laws about smart and AMR metering are geared towards helping your carbon footprint. Here are some of the main ones that may impact your UK operation:

MEES – Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard. As a landlord whether it is residential or commercial, your property must conform to meet a minimum EPC rating, or you may not be able to sell or let the property unless you have a certified exception. If you do, there are large fines that can be levied against you in the event your property is not up to standard.

There is funding available to help with this, also you are better placed to consult with a qualified EPC assessor (this cannot be the assessor that carried out your EPC assessment) as they will know what measures to take that will increase the rating enough and the rough costings of these measures.

ESOS AND SECR – Both schemes are aimed at larger organisations; however, we expect the scope to widen and more businesses will be required to undertake these, or similar reporting schemes.  





Understanding the scope and method of these schemes are great for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and attracting ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) minded investment. See if you qualify or ask us about how the reporting could be utilised to help your business reduce its carbon footprint.

P272 and P322 and Smart Metering – This is the least catchy named piece of law around energy, it is the smart/AMR meter legislation for upgrading metering, so businesses take more regular and accurate measurements of their utility usage. This will enable you to see your bills become more accurate, plus help with your carbon reporting and carbon reduction. Ask us how much you can save on your bills by managing your metering and data collection separately to your energy supply contract.

Energy Legislation is a broad topic, but these are the main ones that businesses get caught out by. Carbon Sure has the expertise and solutions that can assist, from a fully managed service to basic advice and templates, so you can rest assured you comply and do not fall foul of the law.