Carbon Sure TRAINING

Investing in your team’s professional development is a big investment in your business’ improvement and growth.

Carbon Sure creates and delivers bespoke training courses, workshops, and events centred on two major topical subjects: energy management and carbon reduction. However, the distinctive way Carbon Sure tailors its educational programs have the power to positively affect many areas of your company that don’t appear to be directly related at first, for example:

·         Improved communication between departments

·         Better interaction with suppliers

·         Revealing methods to enhance operations

·         Showing hidden potential savings not shown by the energy industry

·         Talent acquisition

·         Improve staff morale, performance, and satisfaction

·         Increase staff retention

The energy landscape is constantly changing, Carbon Sure makes certain its clients are hyper-aware of technical, commercial, and climate changes, then to use the dynamic to meet their business goals.

If the team members are at a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level, Carbon Sure delivers continually updated knowledge and solutions that can be implemented at once.

Training Courses

Our bespoke training courses are created to focus on part of the energy awareness spectrum. With step-by-step modules and lessons, the students drill down on the selected subject matter to learn how the lessons connect to the wider energy industry, their company, and their individual input.

Following a detailed consultation, the training courses are designed to be delivered online or in person with a clear timeline on the stages to completion.

The delivery of the courses can cater for an individual and large groups.


Our energy management and carbon reduction workshops are dynamic and in-depth because the concentration is on learning skills and awareness to meet real-time company challenges and each individual team member’s career progression tasks.

Due to the nature of the workshops, the learning happens over a three-month span with learning structures matching the company’s goals in each quarter, plus feedback to the team and the board at regular intervals.


Carbon Sure have speakers available for a wide range of events. We stick with our ethos of ensuring the language of energy management and carbon reduction is translated into plain English for any business audience – resulting in engaging, relevant, and entertaining presentations to remember.

We can also organise events for your company if that’s needed.


All pricing is bespoke and available on application.