Utility Contract Management

Managing Utilities can be daunting, with invoices from multiple suppliers, different contract rates for each supply, and other factors such as metering contracts.

Using our bureau services to keep on top of all these tasks reduces your efforts and cost.

  • Billing Assurance – advanced bill validation ensuring you are being charged the right amount for your actual utility consumption.
  • Historic invoice Audits – ensuring you have been charged correctly in the past, then reclaiming funds from your suppliers if they have been mis-billed.
  • Ongoing Monitoring of Your Supply Efficiency (Power factor, KVA, and Max demand, etc.)
  • Wholesale Market Price Monitoring
  • Taxation and Legislation Monitoring
  • MOP (Meter Operator Provider) Contract Management
  • DADC (Data Aggregation) Contract Management

All these services can be delivered with a monthly, quarterly, or annual report – as well as alerts for significant events impacting your utility costs.